Lower Your Handicap at GolfCave with TrackMan

TrackMan split screen shot cluster and driving range

Use TrackMan’s dispersion feature at GolfCave to help lower your 20 handicap to a 15 

Lowering your handicap comes with repetition and consistent playing. There is no way around that fact. However, you don’t have to hit the ball further to lower your handicap. Distance isn’t always key for amateur golfers, although it can help, sometimes our bodies just aren’t ready for 20 – 30 more yards off the tee or from the fairway. Lowering your handicap from a 20 to a 15 can happen just by hitting the ball more accurately. A long time friend of mine always says, “swallow your pride”, as I line up from 190 yards away when bunkers surround the green. Laying up isn’t ideal if you don’t have to, but if it saves a stroke, well, “swallow your pride” and lay up.  

Book a tee time at GolfCave and come with the idea to practice solely on consistency. When you get to the Cave, open up the TrackMan Shot Analysis program and turn the video playback off for this one. We aren’t focusing on changing the swing to lower your handicap, we are focusing on finding the clubs with certain ways of swinging that are accurate and consistent.

Open up the TrackMan feature called dispersion, if you’re not sure where that is just ask the ranger at the front desk. The goal is to cluster your shots, you can learn a lot about where you lose control of your swing. For example if your full swing 9 iron is going 130 yards, but 50 feet left, try an alternative play. Take the 8 iron out and saw it off (shortened swing). If you are landing a sawed off 8 iron around 130 but only 20 feet away, that’s a considerable difference and can save a stroke or more on the hole and potentially even more on the entire scorecard. 

Try it out next time you book at tee time at GolfCave, and let us know how your session goes! Stay tuned for more ways to use the features on TrackMan