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Graphic showing a red dot on a golf club face as to where the golf ball made contact with the club

Impact Location - A Critical Component to Measure

September 26, 2023
February 23, 2021

Impact location is a critical component to measure and analyze in your golf swing.

When you practice at GolfCave, you’ll receive immediate feedback telling you if your shot was on the heel, toe, or center of the club. This feature will undoubtedly give you more insight into your golf game and help you improve faster. Striking the golf ball on the face of the club will significantly influence your ability to reach your targets on the course. TrackMan captures your ball's exact impact location on the club face (no tape required) with every shot. Impact location, along with 20+ stats and video swing after every shot will truly give you the complete picture to analyze and understand your swing.

Book a tee time at GolfCave and try the impact location feature. Once you’re in the Cave and on TrackMan Performance Studio (TPS,) select what club you are going to use. After that, go to the selection screen on the top right corner (4 little squares) and select impact location. Another option is impact, which can be found in the dropdown on that same screen. Impact will not only show you where the ball struck, you’ll also see all of the other angles related to how your club head impacted the ball. After your session,  get a summary of that data and see all of the hot spots of that club. A clear image of hot spots that you can save and compare to future golf practice sessions definitely beats impact tape on the range. All of this information from TrackMan and GolfCave will help you get a feel for your average and how consistent you are with each club in your bag.

Check out our CaveTip on Impact location and use it to become a better golfer. Practice inside - play better outside!