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GOLF Lessons

Own Your Swing

Man inside simulator room having just taken a golf swing with instructor standing next to him
Premier Golf Lessons in New Jersey

Elevate your game with GolfCave's Experienced Instructors

Sharpen your golf skills with personalized golf lessons, expertly crafted for you. Explore the world of GolfCave golf lessons and ensure every swing makes an impact.

Golfers analyzing their golf stats using the dual monitors

"I’ve been a member of GolfCave since 2017, and use the Cave exclusively for practice. TrackMan and the cameras provide me with an in-depth look at my swing from both a metric and visual perspective. Like many golfers, I want to improve and GolfCave allows me to both see and feel the changes I’m trying to make - it’s much more effective than hitting balls on the range with no feedback. There’s nothing like GolfCave."

Carver W.
Man in blue golf shirt looking at two monitors on the wall inside a GolfCave, displaying club path and other TrackMan data
Game-Changing Golf Instruction

Where Advanced Technology Meets Expert Coaching

State-of-the-Art TrackMan Tech

Harness the power of our advanced TrackMan technology to analyze and refine every swing aspect.

Golf Instructors

Team up with our pro golf instructors to transform your game, ensuring every shot counts.

Flexible Scheduling
for All

Whether you're a member or just visiting, enjoy tailored lessons that fit seamlessly into your schedule.

Get your game in tip-top shape for next season!

How to get started

We know time is important, so we’ve made our process super simple for you to get started.


Book Tee Time

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Get Lesson

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Beginner golf lessons

Unlock Success with Beginner Golf Lessons

Begin your golf adventure with skilled beginner instruction, designed to help you grasp the fundamentals and build confidence.

Man working with instructor on golf swing inside golf simulator. Simulator screen shows green fairway and club metrics
Man in white shirt after taking golf swing with another man helping him review the TrackMan data on the simulator screen
For adult Learners

Refine Your Skills:
Golf Lessons for Adults

Whether you're new to the game or looking to brush up on advanced techniques, our specialized golf lessons cater to adult learners 
of all levels.

For a 1:1 experience

Elevate Your Game with Private Golf Lessons

Experience personalized attention, detailed feedback, and progress at your own pace with our customized, one-on-one instruction.

Two women one taking a lesson, the other holding a golf club for guidance under the golfers arm
Video of a golfer using a golf simulatorMan with gray hair hitting golf ball into a simulator screen in an indoor golf simulator room

Your Quick Golf Fix

Discover CaveTips, our bite-sized videos powered by TrackMan, designed to optimize each practice session.

Short and precise, making the most of your time.
Expert insights to refine techniques.
Suitable for golfers of all skill levels.
Watch CaveTips

Asked Questions

Can non-members book lessons?

Absolutely! At GolfCave, lessons are available to both members and non-members. If you're considering practicing after your session, our membership offers discounted rates on tee times. Book a lesson, and improve your game.

How many golf lessons should I take?

The number of lessons largely depends on individual goals and current skill level. However, consistent lessons combined with practice are key to seeing significant improvement.

Do you offer guidance and best practices for harnessing the full potential of the simulator technology?

Yes! Be sure to check out and subscribe to our 'CaveTips' series on our official YouTube channel. These brief videos are designed to familiarize you with GolfCave x TrackMan features and technology, enabling you to maximize your experience during each session.

How much do golf lessons cost?

While costs can vary based on lesson type and instructor expertise, GolfCave ensures you get value for every dime. Reach out to us for detailed pricing.

How much are golf lessons?

At GolfCave, our pricing is competitive and reflects the premium technology and expert instruction we offer. Exact costs vary depending upon the golf professional's experience level. Reach out to your closest GolfCave to learn more.