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Own an Indoor Golf Franchise with GolfCave

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Transform your passion into a golf franchise business

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As a leader in the indoor golf community since 2012, we've created a blueprint that’s not only operationally efficient, but primed for scalability and growth in the virtual golf franchising industry.

If you've got an entrepreneurial spirit and share our ambition to build and launch an unrivaled, customer-focused, indoor golfing experience, then it's time to join our indoor golf franchise and turn your passion for golf into a hole-in-one venture.


Changing the game, one GolfCave franchise at a time

A Smart

Harness your passion for golf and leverage a proven golf franchise business model, designed for sustainable growth, with recurring revenue and strong EBITDA margins.

Diverse Revenue Streams

Maximize profitability with diverse revenue sources—from recurring memberships and 24/7 access CaveKeys to Events and Lessons.

World-Class Golf Simulators

With our golf simulator technology TrackMan, every swing, drive, and iron is captured with precision. It's not just an indoor golf simulator— it's the next best thing to being on the course.

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Your Success

As you tee up with GolfCave, remember: you’re never playing the course alone. From marketing to technology, we're your caddie every step of the way.


Interested in a GolfCave franchise but need financial backing? With our partner Benetrends Financial you’ll be on your way to launching your GolfCave franchise.


GolfCave is at the forefront of golf and cutting-edge technology, consistently innovating to redefine the indoor golf business and franchise domain.

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Asked Questions

Interested in learning more about the GolfCave franchise model?

Complete the brief form on this page. We'll begin a discussion about our golf franchise opportunities and introduce you to the specifics of our GolfCave franchise model.

Do you have financing available?

Yes. We have partnered with the nation’s leading franchise funding institution Benetrends so getting approved is quick and easy.

How long until I can open my GolfCave?

After signing the franchise agreement and property lease, the typical timeline for cutting the ribbon and launching a GolfCave franchise is between 6-9 months.

Will I receive assistance in locating a GolfCave franchise site?

Yes. Our experienced real estate partners will be at your side, assisting in market evaluation and pinpointing the perfect location for your GolfCave store.

What sets GolfCave apart from other franchises in the industry?

With over a decade of hands-on, practical experience, we’ve time-tested our revenue model and have it down to a tee! (pun intended). Each GolfCave features private simulator rooms (Caves), 24/7 access, and a proven membership-based recurring revenue stream. Likewise, our simulator technology, automation, and operational processes are unrivaled in the industry.

What are the financial requirements to open a GolfCave?

Individuals interested in becoming a GolfCave franchisee must have a net worth of $500K and liquid assets of $150K.

How can I learn more about franchising?

Ready to take the first step towards your GolfCave Franchise journey? Simply click 'Take The First Step' and fill out our brief form. We'll promptly arrange a mutually convenient time to chat and introduce you to the exciting GolfCave Franchise Model.

Is GolfCave a franchise?

Yes, GolfCave is a franchise! We began franchising in 2022. Our journey started in 2012 with the aim of building a business model that could be easily replicated and efficiently operated as a franchise. Every aspect and detail of our operation has been meticulously developed and tested to support scalability and expansion.