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Free Golf Club Fitting

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Unique Rewards for GolfCave Members

Joining the GolfCave community means more than just refining your swing. Members enjoy a complimentary annual club fitting (valued at $400) with our respected partner, Club Champion. Participate in this premium GolfCave member experience, optimize your club choice, and boost your golf performance.

Convenience: Choose the Club Champion location closest to you.
Precision Fitting: Reserve your spot and embrace the benefits of a tailored golf club fitting, absolutely free with your GolfCave membership.
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Asked Questions

How often should one consider club fitting?

Consider a fitting if consistent issues arise in your gameplay, if there's been a notable change in your swing, or annually to guarantee you're using the best-suited equipment.

How do you approach a golf club fitting?

A golf club fitting session delves into understanding your game nuances, aspirations, and challenges. Measurements are taken, and you'll typically test different clubs to determine the ideal match for you.

Can I get fitted for clubs I already have?

Certainly! The goal of a golf club fitting is to ensure your clubs align with your gameplay, whether they're a new purchase or old favorites. Tweaks can be made to existing clubs to amplify their performance and your game.

Is the club fitting session extensive?

A comprehensive club fitting session might last from 30 minutes for a single club to several hours for a full set, ensuring accuracy and the best outcomes.

How do you prepare for a Club Champion golf club fitting?

Dress in your usual golf attire and shoes. Bring your current set of clubs. Being familiar with your game strengths and areas needing a boost can guide the fitter effectively.