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Unique Rewards for GolfCave Members

Joining the GolfCave community means more than just refining your swing. Members enjoy a complimentary annual club fitting (valued at $400) with our respected partner, Club Champion. Participate in this premium GolfCave member experience, optimize your club choice, and boost your golf performance.

*Free club fitting with any equipment purchase. If no purchase made, members will pay discounted rate of $100 for full bag or $50 for any other type of fitting.

Convenience: Choose the Club Champion location closest to you.
Precision Fitting: Reserve your spot and embrace the benefits of a tailored golf club fitting, absolutely free with your GolfCave membership.
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Asked Questions

Can I get fitted for clubs I already have?

Certainly! The goal of a golf club fitting is to ensure your clubs align with your gameplay, whether they're a new purchase or old favorites. Tweaks can be made to existing clubs to amplify their performance and your game.

How do you prepare for a Club Champion golf club fitting?

Dress in your usual golf attire and shoes. Bring your current set of clubs. Being familiar with your game strengths and areas needing a boost can guide the fitter effectively.

How do you approach a golf club fitting?

A golf club fitting session delves into understanding your game nuances, aspirations, and challenges. Measurements are taken, and you'll typically test different clubs to determine the ideal match for you.

How often should one consider club fitting?

Consider a fitting if consistent issues arise in your gameplay, if there's been a notable change in your swing, or annually to guarantee you're using the best-suited equipment.

Is the club fitting session extensive?

A comprehensive club fitting session might last from 30 minutes for a single club to several hours for a full set, ensuring accuracy and the best outcomes.