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Golf Parties & Events

Man playing inside a golf simulator room at GolfCave with a group of people talking in the background at a golf party

Tee Up Your Next Golf Party at GolfCave!

Ready for an unforgettable golf party? GolfCave is your one-stop destination for golf parties tailored to all skill levels. Choose from diverse event options or let us custom-fit your celebration. GolfCave members enjoy special discounts!


Celebrate with a Golf Birthday Party

Add a spin to your traditional birthday bash. Tee up in the immersive world of golf simulation and make it a birthday party worth remembering.

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Two men inside a golf simulator room both looking at the screen during an adult golf birthday party
One adult and three children in a golf simulator room during a family gathering

Bring Everyone Together with a Golf Group Event

From family gatherings to friendly get-togethers, make your group event an ace with GolfCave's powerful simulators and comfortable ambiance.

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Corporate parties

Seal the Deal with a Corporate Party

Take business outside the boardroom. Impress clients, boost team morale, and forge stronger bonds with a corporate GolfCave indoor golf party.

Swing Into Corporate Success
Two men in white shirts looking at computer monitors on the wall during a corporate golf event
Parties & Events

Asked Questions

Do you have any tournaments or leagues?

GolfCave's versatile software can accommodate a wide range of tournaments and leagues tailored to your preferences. Just inform us about your desired format, team names, and other details, and we'll handle the setup. We'll also take care of participant emails, provide guidance on logging your rounds, and ensure everything runs smoothly. Personalize your next tournament or league experience at GolfCave.

What are the benefits of hosting at a golf party venue like GolfCave?

GolfCave offers a distinctive and engaging venue where guests can enjoy world-class golf simulation, modern amenities, and a vibrant atmosphere, ensuring your party is both fun and memorable.

Can I rent out the entire facility?

Certainly! You have the option to rent out the entire facility for both social and corporate events. If you're interested in hosting a party at GolfCave, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for more details and arrangements.

Can I organize an indoor golf birthday party at GolfCave?

Absolutely! Our Caves are perfect for an indoor golf birthday experience, ensuring a unique celebration for all age groups and all skill levels.

What are your cleaning and safety protocols?

Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all GolfCavers is always a top priority. The following measures are in place to provide the safest environment for all: Private Caves – only you/ your group are in the same Cave (room)
Staggered tee times – to minimize customer interaction and make sure you get the most out of your session
Frequent cleanings – Our rangers clean each Cave after every session
Hand sanitizer in every Cave

Do you offer any packages or discounts for a member's golf party?

Yes, members enjoy special event discounts. We recommend reaching out to your nearest GolfCave for membership information and event discounts, savings, and exclusive benefits.

Is GolfCave suitable for golf parties with non-golfers?

Of course! GolfCave is designed to be enjoyable for both avid golfers and newcomers. Our simulators cater to all skill levels, ensuring everyone has a blast.

How do I get ideas for my indoor golf party?

You're in the right place! From themed parties to friendly tournaments, GolfCave is teeming with innovative golf party ideas to make your event stand out.