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Person holding a smartphone in front of the wall mounted computer monitor that shows the TrackMan app in GolfCave

Enhance Your Indoor Golf Experience Using the Trackman App

September 26, 2023
April 14, 2023

Using the Trackman app is a great way to integrate your experience at GolfCave and get the most out of your visit. Fortunately, it is quick and easy to get started with this app, so even those of us who are less technically inclined should have no trouble. You might want to consider downloading the app before you arrive at GolfCave so you are ready to get started right away.Stop by our YouTube channel for a great CaveTips Extended video on how you use the Trackman app or read on for some basic details.

Get Connected

Once you have the app on your phone and have signed in to a Trackman account (which is free to create), you’ll be ready to connect to the equipment you’ll be using for your session. Inside the app, tap on Quick Login and scan the QR code on the screen in your Cave to sign in to the system. This streamlined process means you can spend less time fussing with the setup and more time actually hitting shots and playing golf.

Notable Features

There are a number of valuable features included in the Trackman app, and here are a few that stand out as particularly useful or interesting –

  • Indoor golf handicap. As you play more and more rounds of indoor golf, you’ll want to see how you are progressing – and perhaps how you are stacking up to your friends. The app will keep track of your handicap and show you results from past rounds you’ve played.
  • Driving distance. Everyone loves to see how far they can hit the ball, so average driving distance and longest drive are two of the stats that you’ll likely be checking out often on your app.
  • Fairways and greens. Distance is great, but you’ll need to keep the ball in play if you want to shoot a good score. Therefore, both fairway percentage and greens percentage are tracked in the app, as well.

Be Competitive

If you’d like to use your indoor golf session as a way to compete with others, there is a Tournaments tab on the app that you’ll want to explore. There are both global and local tournaments available, so you can browse the options and enter a worldwide Trackman tournament or one that is being hosted by GolfCave. After your round has been finished and logged, you can keep an eye on the leaderboard on your phone to see how your score stacks up.We are proud to offer Trackman technology in our Caves because of the accuracy and reliability of their products. In using the Trackman app, you’ll have access to more data than ever before – and your game will stand to benefit as a result. Book a tee time today at one of our locations!