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Free Golf on Mondays in the Summer for Military and First Responders

Free Golf on Mondays for First Responders

September 26, 2023
May 31, 2023

Free Golf on Mondays for First Responders

It’s easy to take our first responders for granted. For most of us, these heroes operate in the background of our daily lives, doing their work so we are free to do the things we love. At GolfCave, we want to make sure those individuals are recognized for the work they do and the sacrifices they make.

Heroes Play Free on Mondays All Summer Long

To demonstrate our support for these important individuals, GolfCave would like to announce that heroes are welcome to play for free on Mondays in any of our locations all summer long (6/5/23-8/28/23). Those included in this category include all active duty military as well as veterans, police, fire, and EMS. This offer amounts to a total value of $75 each week.We are proud to make this time available in our facility as a small way to show appreciation for the hard work contributed by everyone who qualifies for this promotion. It would be an honor to see GolfCave become a spot for our heroes to gather and unwind with some fun, relaxing indoor golf in a setting where they can step away from the stresses of day-to-day work.

How to Use This Offer

If you are eligible for our free Monday play offer, book a tee time and select the “Hero Mondays” session.

A Welcome Diversion

No matter what category of hero you find yourself in, it’s a safe bet that your work is both challenging and stressful. When you have time, visiting a GolfCave on a Monday for a free session will enable you to do something that is completely detached from your professional life, helping you to unwind while staying active at the same time. GolfCave is a great experience on your own, and it’s also a ton of fun with some friends.It's important to note that you don’t need to be an experienced golfer to have fun in our facilities. In fact, indoor golf is great for new players, as it is far more forgiving and approachable than the real thing. Consider getting started with a few visits to a GolfCave and you might find yourself considering a trip out onto a course in the near future. This is an addictive game!

GolfCave Thanks You

Whether you decide to come to one of our locations to take advantage of this promotion or not, we want to say thank you to all current and former military, police, fire, and EMS. Our communities simply could not function without your hard work and sacrifice. We hope to see you at GolfCave this summer!