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Man taking a back swing in front of TrackMan using tag feature
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Golf Club and Ball Testing Using the TrackMan Tag Feature

February 6, 2024
February 12, 2024

Golf Club and Ball Testing Using the TrackMan Tag Feature

By nature, golfers love to experiment. It always seems that better performance is just around the corner, so players love to try out different swing techniques, pieces of equipment, and more to see what will yield the best results. 

One problem with making those kinds of changes, however, is that it can be hard to tell what is working – and what isn’t. That’s where the tag feature in TrackMan becomes so useful. By using this feature strategically, you can zero in on the actual results of your changes and determine how to proceed when you head back to the course. Let’s look a little closer at how this works and what it can do for your game. 

Getting Organized

Each time you make a swing in front of a TrackMan launch monitor, many different data points are collected and stored. Assuming you are logged in to your TrackMan account, that data will be saved, and you can go back and review it at any time. This is a great advantage for the golfer who is serious about improving. 

With that said, if you want to test out various golf clubs and balls, you need a way to keep your data organized so you can properly categorize it and match up each shot with the equipment you used. This is where the TrackMan tag feature comes into the picture. By creating tags that can be associated with each individual shot, you’ll know what equipment you were using and how it performed. This takes the guesswork – and remembering – out of the picture and you can just work on getting better. 

An Example Process

To make sure you are clear on how this system can be used to improve your equipment choices, let’s walk through a scenario that is a common situation for many players. Imagine that you are trying to decide whether the ProV1 or ProV1x is the better golf ball for your swing. These are both great golf balls, of course, but one is likely to perform better for you than the other. Some players go only by feel, but those feelings can be deceiving, and you might wind up with the wrong model if you don’t have hard data to back up your choices. 

So, you could use the tag feature to go through a more scientific process. You could quickly create one tag for the standard ProV1 and another tag for the ProV1x. Then, hit some shots with each ball and tag them appropriately. Soon enough, you’ll have the data you need to directly compare each ball on points like ball speed, spin rate, and more. 

The Choice is Yours at GolfCave

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