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Panels of TrackMan golf courses with the words TPS 9.2 Update.

Trackman Performance Studio 9.2 Update

September 26, 2023
August 23, 2023

TrackMan Performance Studio 9.2 Update

At the heart of GolfCave is our impressive TrackMan technology that monitors your performance, offering detailed feedback on each shot you hit. TrackMan has long been a leader in the golf tech industry for a reason, and its products continue to get better with time. The latest update to TrackMan – Version 9.2 – is now available and has been updated in each of our GolfCave locations. While long-time users will still recognize the same easy-to-use interface and suite of tools, there are some exciting additions that make TrackMan even more useful and enjoyable. Let’s take a look at some of the changes below.

Upgraded Practice Experience

The new Range Activity that has been added to TrackMan Performance Studio 9.2 makes it easier than ever to use GolfCave as your virtual driving range. If you’re a grinder who loves to hit bucket after bucket of range balls, the new Range Activity is for you. Simply choose a club, take dead aim, and swing away, just like you would at an outdoor driving range. It’s a great way to be more consistent with every club.

Design comps, layouts, wireframes—we believe that clients will surely accept that you go about things the facile way. It’s a matter of time.

Added Control

If you are playing a virtual round of golf on TrackMan, you want to be able to dial in every little detail, just like you do on a traditional course. With the newest update, you now have the ability to move your ball on the tee box before hitting your shot. This allows you to open up angles based on things like the hole location on the green, wind conditions, and your ball flight. This small change will have an enormous impact as you transfer your indoor skills, outside.

Save Time By Planning Ahead

TrackMan is easy to use, but you don’t want to waste any of your valuable GolfCave time fiddling with settings and things as you get ready to start a round. Fortunately, with the TPS 9.2 update, you no longer have to. Instead, you can use the TrackMan app to prepare your round ahead of time, including any of the settings that you will want to have in place. This way, once you arrive at GolfCave for your tee time, you can just select the round you have already prepared and get ready to hit your first shot.

TrackMan For All

You don’t need to be a tech whiz to use TrackMan – you just need to be a golfer. While it is designed to be approachable and simple, we are happy to help you get up and running if you’d like some assistance.