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Data and stats next to a green fairway showing the trajectory of a golf ball

Capture Vital Golf Swing Stats to Improve Your Game

September 26, 2023
March 31, 2023

At GolfCave, we have Trackman technology in all of our Caves to make sure every golfer captures the data needed to understand their game and where they can improve. While this data is a wealth of information and opportunity, it can be a little overwhelming. The screen is full of numbers and terms, and you might not know what they all mean.We’ve created a new CaveTips Extended video on our YouTube channel to clarify any confusion. If you have ten minutes available, head over and check out that video to get up to speed and prepare for an upcoming session. The sections below will also touch on some of the key data points that Trackman will deliver to you.

The Basics

There are a few core pieces of data that you’ll want to focus on when going through the average session in a GolfCave. While there are far more than these data points available, these are the big ones – so they make sense as a good place to start.

  • Distance stats. You’ll find two numbers that relate to yardage on your main data dashboard. The first is Total, which as you might expect, is the total distance for the shot, including both carry and roll. Also, there is a Carry field, which will just show you the carry distance with the expected roll component stripped away. The Carry yardage is particularly useful when working on your iron game, as you’ll want to know how far each of your clubs flies through the air.
  • Club speed. Under the Club Speed data point, you will get a measurement of your club head speed at the moment of impact. While you can certainly look at this number for any of your clubs, it’s most commonly tracked on the driver. If you are trying to add distance and maybe are working on some fitness improvements in the pursuit of more yardage, tracking your club head speed over time is a great way to see how it’s coming along.
  • Attack angle. This is another particularly useful piece of information. Generally speaking, golfers are trying to hit down slightly on their irons – and this is the data point that will tell you if that is happening. A negative number in this field means you’ve hit down on the ball along the stated angle, while a positive number means you were hitting up when the ball was impacted.

TrackMan Golf Stats

You can watch the video in its entirety to get a better picture of all of the various metrics featured on this dashboard, but here are a few others worth highlighting –

  • Ball speed. This one pretty much says it all in the name – it’s the speed that the ball is traveling when it leaves your club.
  • Launch angle. The launch angle for each shot is the angle at which it leaves the club, relative to the ground. This will be influenced greatly by the loft of the club you are swinging, of course, but it is also related to the technique of your swing.
  • Spin rate. Putting the right amount of spin on the ball for each shot – not too much but not too little – is an important skill on the course. Spin rate measures that number so you can see how technical adjustments (or equipment changes) alter your spin.

The stats that can be collected thanks to modern golf technology are truly incredible. Whether you are a serious player hoping to compete for trophies, or a beginner excited about making steady progress, the stats you can capture in one of our Caves will help you on your journey. Book a tee time and tune into your stats!