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Two views, front and side view, of the same male golfer swinging inside GolfCave

Dual Camera Technology at GolfCave

September 26, 2023
February 21, 2021

Dual Cameras are Better Than One!

GolfCave has taken the camera out of TrackMan and is providing two cameras (down the line and face on angles) so you can see the most critical aspects of your swing. The down the line camera shows you the perfect view of your club path and face angle. This angle allows you to see what’s causing your draws and fades (or slices and hooks).

Navigate to the dual camera from the Home Screen by clicking “Practice” on the main menu. At the bottom of the practice screen you’ll see "Shot Analysis." Click on Shot Analysis and enter your name and the golf club you're going to use. Once you're in Shot Analysis, you'll see a split screen with a menu button (4 squares) in the top right corner of each screen. Find the square of the golfer and click that! The golfer allows you to see your video swing after every shot. The ability to see your swing during your practice sessions helps tremendously. We're really big on customer experience, and our members love this feature. The two different camera angles are down the line (DL) and face on (FO/OT).  

Watch our dual camera CaveTip for a better visual of how to set the cameras up. If you’re a lefty, we’ve got you covered too! Just ask a ranger at the front desk, or add a note when booking your tee time and we will have the lefty camera set up for you. Book a tee time to use the dual camera feature at GolfCave!Check out our YouTube channel for more CaveTips. CaveTips are short videos that give you knowledge on how to navigate TrackMan and GolfCave so you can make the most of every session.