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Two men inside a GolfCave with TrackMan data on the simulator screen. One man is a pro watching the student swing

Book a Golf Lesson at GolfCave

September 26, 2023
January 27, 2023

Book a Lesson at GolfCave

Taking lessons from a qualified professional is one of the best ways to improve at this difficult game. Whether you have been playing for years and are hoping to reach the next milestone, or you are just getting started and need to learn the basics, working with a pro is the right move. Taking lessons at GolfCave is an excellent option because of the controlled, focused environment we provide to both player and instructor. Rather than dealing with the distractions that inevitably come with taking a lesson at a typical driving range, you can do your work in a private room, free from interruptions. GolfCave is also unique in the fact that you can bring in your own pro, or you can take a lesson with a pro recommended by us. GolfCave has pros that we recommend at every location.

Go to the booking page and select “Lesson w/ Instructor” to see which pros are available and to read their bio. Select the pro that you think works best for you and book a lesson!

All the Equipment You Need

Modern golf instruction is a high-tech affair. Not only are you going to benefit from the experience and insight that your chosen instructor has to offer, but you can also learn from accurate measurements taken of your swing during the lesson. For that, your instructor will trust our quality TrackMan equipment to evaluate things like swing speed, swing path, club face angle, and much more. Not all golf facilities have the high-end gear that you’ll find in our caves, so your lessons will always be backed by the best tech in the game.

A Controlled Environment

Golf is hard enough without distractions and frustrating variables. Whether it is a loud group of golfers on the driving range near your lesson, or strong winds that are making it difficult to balance, any number of issues can come up during an outdoor lesson. When you bring that lesson into one of our caves, however, all of those problems fade away and you can focus on the task at hand. Also, taking lessons at GolfCave will allow you to keep up a consistent schedule of instruction throughout the year, leading to better results in the long run.

Add Direction to Your Game

You may already know that GolfCave is a great place to practice your skills, so you can take them onto the course later. But what exactly are you practicing when you spend some time in one of our caves? Without a specific purpose to your practice, you might find that your game gets stuck in neutral. This is where lessons can be so beneficial. A qualified instructor can give you specific points to work on during your practice sessions, allowing momentum to build toward better results. For example, you might choose to practice at GolfCave once per week, while having a lesson once per month. That way, you’ll regularly get input into your progress, so you can work on the right things when your instructor is not around. Golf will always be a difficult game, but it gets just a little easier with a professional on your side who can point you in the right direction.

Ready for Lower Scores?Your path toward better golf goes directly through one of the GolfCave locations around New Jersey. Schedule your first lesson today and look forward to playing the best golf of your life in the near future. Good luck on the links!