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Try the Test Center in TrackMan

September 26, 2023
May 31, 2023

Try the Test Center in TrackMan

At GolfCave, we like to make sure our customers are able to take advantage of as many of the powerful features within TrackMan as possible. The TrackMan platform offers a wide range of modes and capabilities, so you can both have fun and improve your game. One of the features within TrackMan that might not get as much attention as it deserves is the Test Center. We’d like to use this post to highlight what is possible in the Test Center and why you might want to try it out on your next visit to GolfCave.

Getting Started

First, before you can explore the Test Center feature within TrackMan, you’ll need to know how to find it. Once you’ve gotten set up in your Cave for an indoor golf session, find your way to the main TrackMan screen. On that screen, select “Practice”, and then “Test Center”. Within the Test Center area, you’ll find two options, and we’ll discuss those further below.

TrackMan Combine

This would be a great place to start if this will be your first time using the Test Center in TrackMan. The combine is a 60-shot examination that will test various parts of your game. You are going to hit six shots each at a total of 10 targets as you make your way through the combine. When you finish the test, you’ll be provided with a score that reflects your accuracy, and that score will be correlated to a handicap for each of the various distances.It's important to note when taking the combine test that everything in the test is based on carry distances. Don’t plan on leaving space in front of the target for the ball to bounce and roll – select a club and make a swing that you think will land the ball as close to the target as possible. This combine process is great because it breaks down your game into categories based on distance and helps you understand what your strengths and weaknesses are on the course.

Test Center

Aside from the TrackMan Combine, you can also go into the Test Center area where you will be able to create customized exams for you to work on your game. You are also welcome to pick from a few existing options that are already populated in this area, but it’s likely best to set up something that will allow you to target the parts of your game that need to be improved.For example, if you need to work on your mid-iron game from 150 yards, you could add a target to your test at that distance. You’ll get to pick how many shots to include for that distance, and you can include a variety of distances to build out the test that you want to put yourself through. Once you go through the test, you’ll again get a score based on your performance, and you can repeat the test on future visits to GolfCave to see how you are progressing.The Test Center is just one of many worthwhile features in the TrackMan system. To get a video overview of the Test Center, check out CaveTips Extended | Test Center on YouTube. If you’d like to the Test Center try it out for yourself, book a tee time today and come see why so many other golfers in the area have turned to GolfCave to work on their games, have fun with friends, and spend more time around the sport they love. We are excited to see you at GolfCave!