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Woman looking at Dual Monitor about to use TrackMan Golf Range

CaveTips – Using TrackMan Range to Improve Your Play

September 26, 2023
March 1, 2024

CaveTips – Using TrackMan Range to Improve Your Play

When you arrive at GolfCave for your tee time, you’ll have a few different options for how you would like to spend that time. Specifically, you’ll likely go in one of two ways – either you’ll want to play a round of indoor golf on the simulator, or you’ll want to focus on practicing your game. If it’s practice that you have in mind, the Range function on TrackMan is a great place to start. 

The post below offers some basic information on what TrackMan Range is and how you can use it to get the most out of your time in one of our Caves. Of course, if you need any help while you are at one of our locations, please feel free to ask for assistance. You can also check out CaveTips on YouTube featuring the TrackMan Range.

What is TrackMan Range?

As the name would suggest, TrackMan Range is a feature that allows you to spend time on a virtual driving range to work on many different parts of your game. Specifically, TrackMan Range is a great option when you want to work on hitting targets and holding the ball on the green. Golf is a target-based game, after all, so this is an excellent way to spend at least some of your practice time. 

To try it out for yourself, go to the Practice section within TPS, and then select the Range feature. This would also be a good time to log in to your TrackMan account so you can save all of your data and review it later. 

Customize the Experience

If you take a moment to set up the My Bag feature within your TrackMan account, the system will know what clubs you have in your bag. Then, you can just select any of those clubs on the screen and the Range will automatically add a green at approximately the right distance for your needs. Of course, you can manually adjust the green to be closer or farther away to make sure it suits your capabilities with a given club. 

One of the interesting features that is included with the Range area is the automatic sizing of the target. As the green gets closer, it will get smaller, as you should be more accurate on shorter shots. Of course, it works in reverse as the green gets farther away, with the target getting bigger. There will be a target that identifies how close a player of your handicap should be able to get, along with a secondary, smaller target that shows the proximity for an average tour player. 

Golf is an Endless Pursuit

No one has ever “mastered” golf, even among those who are counted as the game’s greats. That’s what makes golf such a beloved pastime for so many, of course – you can’t perfect it, and there is always room for improvement. If you are one of the millions of golfers who love to pursue lower scores, make a tee time at GolfCave and utilize the Range function on TrackMan to hone your skills and reach a higher level of performance.