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Interior view of empty ‘Cave” at GolfCave showcasing large simulator screen, quartz countertops and recliners

The Rise of Indoor Golf

September 26, 2023
August 29, 2022

The Rise of Indoor Golf

It’s no secret that technology has changed all of our lives dramatically in recent decades. From the internet and smartphones to voice assistants and on and on, life looks a lot different than it did just a generation ago. That technological revolution has even touched the world of golf, as it’s now possible to play and practice indoors through the use of equipment like TrackMan golf simulators at GolfCave. We aren’t here to argue that indoor golf is going to replace outdoor golf, as that’s not the future we have in mind. Instead, we are quickly seeing a landscape develop where indoor golf exists as an important component of the golf world – a valuable addition to playing traditional rounds of golf under the sun. But what is it that has made indoor golf pick up popularity so quickly? If you haven’t yet tried it out for yourself, this article should help you understand the appeal.

An Inclusive Experience

Let’s be honest – golf is hard. When you head out to the course for a standard round of golf, there are many different hazards and obstacles waiting to give you trouble between the tee and the green. For the new golfer, or for the player struggling to find consistency and confidence, this can all be a bit overwhelming. Between the pressure to keep up your pace of play, and the frustration of looking for your golf ball hole after hole, you might decide just to stay home instead. That would be a shame. Golf, as difficult as it can be, is a great game that should be enjoyed by anyone who is interested. Indoor golf creates a great bridge for those who want to play but might not be ready for the course. GolfCave has private rooms (Caves) which allow players to practice without the onlookers of others. No intimidation plus being able to practice in the privacy of your own Cave is a huge advantage for any new golfer. Or, maybe you play sometimes on a course, but also want another option when the course is too busy for your liking. With indoor golf, you don’t have to chase down your ball, there is no one waiting on you to finish a hole, and the whole experience can be positive from start to finish.

Time is a Factor

For the average golfer, on an average course, playing a full 18-hole round is an investment of 4.5 hours, if not more. That doesn’t even include the time you spend getting to the course, warming up, etc. If you don’t have that kind of time to spend on recreation, consider indoor golf as an appealing alternative. You can typically play an indoor round of golf in about an hour if playing alone. That means you’ll get in a lot of swings, have plenty of fun, and still make it home in time for dinner.

Leave Your Umbrella Behind

There are plenty of nice days for golf throughout the year in New Jersey. There are also plenty of days that could be classified as, well, not so nice. If you don’t want to wear waterproof clothing from head to toe while playing some golf, consider turning to indoor golf when Mother Nature is in a bad mood. Playing inside will allow you to have more fun on those inclement days and you won’t need to ring out your socks when you get home.

Exciting Experiences

Some of the best golf courses in the country can be found in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. We are lucky to have so many great courses, but that selection is nothing compared to what can be found on a golf simulator at the Cave. When playing indoor golf, you can tee it up at some of the world’s most famous courses. Want to experience St. Andrews? What about Pebble Beach, or Spyglass Hill? From famous courses to fun layouts you’ve never heard of, the possibilities are many when you make an indoor tee time. GolfCave offers the best indoor golf experience in New Jersey. Whether you are hoping to try indoor golf for the first time, or you’ve tried it before and want to find a facility to call home, GolfCave would love to welcome you to one of our three locations. To get started, book a tee time through our site at or contact us directly at or 732-382-CAVE (2283) if you have any questions. We hope to serve you soon!