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Visual of the TrackMan Capture the Flag game inside the GolfCave

Play TrackMan Games at GolfCave

September 26, 2023
February 18, 2021

GolfCave has updated all TrackMan’s to include the most up to date games!

When you're at the Cave, navigate to the main menu on TrackMan Performance Studio. From there in the upper left corner, select “Games”. You’ll see options for games such as Hit It!, Closest to the Pin, Capture the Flag, and Bullseye. Hit It! Brings a timed long drive experience to your Cave, where you can compete against friends and family to see who gets bragging rights for the longest hitter. Closest to the Pin will take you through multiple holes of Par 3 distances and challenge you and your friends to hunt for the pins. The closer you get, the more points you get.

Capture the Flag sets you up on a Virtual Range with different greens at different distances. The player who hits it closest, gets that flag. Don’t get complacent though, your opponent can steal it right back!TrackMan is always coming up with new technology and games for everyone to enjoy. Every update TrackMan launches, GolfCave will be the first to test and have it ready for our customers. With that said, TrackMan has specific plans to release more games which can only lead to more fun! Our goal is to provide our customers with not only the best customer experience, but also the most fun experience. Check out the latest games on TrackMan with our Virtual Games CaveTip. The games are fun for the entire family, and for every level golfer. Ready to have some fun?

Book a tee time at GolfCave today!Follow our YouTube channel and watch all of our CaveTips. CaveTips are short videos that give you knowledge on how to navigate TrackMan and GolfCave so you can make the most of every session.