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Two computer monitors hung vertically on the wall

The Advantages of Dual Monitors

September 26, 2023
March 12, 2023

The Advantages of Dual Monitors

GolfCave is all about embracing technology and the role it plays in our game. The indoor golf you play in our caves is such an exciting, immersive experience because we lean on the very best tech available today. This is why we are proud to use TrackMan equipment in all of our facilities, and it’s why we have recently made the upgrade of adding dual monitors to every cave. So, why is having two monitors better than one? There are plenty of benefits associated with the dual monitor setup, and we’ll touch on a few of those below. If you’d like to learn more, please check out this CaveTip on YouTube.

The Information You Need

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of having dual monitors in every cave is that all golfers will have immediate access to the information that is most important to them without constantly switching screens or using split screen mode. Dual monitors create a streamlined, user-friendly, and productive session which is what we are all about.

Enhanced Golf Lessons

If you choose to take golf lessons in one of our caves, those lessons can be even more useful than they would be otherwise thanks to our installation of dual monitors. Your instructor will be able to pick and choose the information that they want you to see during the lesson, potentially speeding up your development process. The blend of professional insight and accurate data from our TrackMan equipment will allow you to achieve your golf goals faster.

Nearly Endless Possibilities

For the truly data-obsessed (hi!), the possibilities for what you can accomplish using two monitors are incredible. If you want to maximize the information that is available to you on each swing, you could opt to split each of the two monitors, leaving you with four total display areas. But that’s not all – you can then float yet another display screen on top of one of those split screens, meaning you’d have five different display areas available at a glance. The addition of dual monitors in all of our caves is just another example of our commitment to offering an unbeatable indoor golf experience. We aren’t going to be satisfied by “good enough”, and we are going to continue to improve and evolve to make sure our customers always have an outstanding time at any of our locations. Book a tee time and experience the benefits of the dual monitor yourself!