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Plan Your Holiday Party at GolfCave

September 26, 2023
October 18, 2022

Plan Your Holiday Party at GolfCave

The holiday season is a great time to relax a little bit, think about the year that was, and look forward to what is coming up when the calendar flips to January. For many people, holiday parties are a big part of this time of year, and GolfCave would love to host your event at one of our three locations. Visit our events page to learn more!

Three Reasons to Consider a GolfCave Party

When looking around the area for holiday party options, you’ll have plenty of possibilities. You could just go to a restaurant, as is the default choice for so many businesses and families. Or, if you were looking for an activity, you might consider something like bowling, although you’d have to share the lanes with many other parties. So, why should you turn to GolfCave to make sure your holiday party is a big hit? Here are three benefits of using our facilities:

  • Privacy. This is a big one – it’s easier to enjoy a holiday event when you have privacy for yourself and your guests. All of our Caves are private, so you can enjoy the use of our indoor golf equipment without worrying about nearby crowds getting in your way.
  • Fun for all. Some other activities you might plan could be difficult for everyone to participate in without feeling like they are holding up the group. There are no such struggles with indoor golf. Even if someone in your party isn’t a golfer, they can still have fun with the experience and try their best. You don’t lose golf balls in the trees or in the water when playing indoors!
  • Weather-proof. You don’t want to go to the trouble of planning something that could later be canceled or disrupted by weather conditions. With an indoor golf outing at GolfCave, that won’t be a problem – no matter the weather outside, the conditions are always perfect in our Caves.

We Make It Easy

With so much going on during holiday time already, you don’t need to add a complicated party planning process to your schedule. Fortunately, that won’t be the case when you book an event at GolfCave. All of our events include what you’ll need to have a great time, such as access to a private cave, use of the putting green, and the help of our friendly staff to keep things moving along nicely. Also, if you need clubs for some of the members of our party to use, we have those available free of charge.

Food and Drink Flexibility

One of the common issues people run into when booking events is the requirement that you use the food or beverage service offered by that facility. You won’t have that problem with GolfCave, as we don’t sell food or drink at any of our locations. Instead, you are welcome to plan your snacks and beverages as you see fit. Some parties choose to bring in their own items, while others will have the event catered with the food arriving at a designated time. Whatever you choose, this flexibility will make it possible to craft a party that perfectly suits your needs.

Leave Boring Behind

Let’s be honest – too many holiday parties are boring, mundane outings that you hope to leave at the first opportunity. That’s not the case at GolfCave. When you book your holiday party with us, you can be sure everyone will want to stay until the final stroke has been played. Fill out our event form today and our team will be happy to help you sort out all of the details for an upcoming party. Thank you for considering GolfCave!