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Two golfers. Left is a person inside the GolfCave showing metrics after their swing. Other golfer is a pro showing comparison

Compare Mode - Compare Your Swing with the Pros

September 26, 2023
March 1, 2021

Use Compare Mode to Make Adjustments

Compare mode on TrackMan Shot Analysis is a feature that a lot of people don’t know about. It provides a quick and easy solution for analyzing how your swing compares to a professional's. This feature allows you to pull up a swing video of professionals, such as Brooks Koepka and play it side by side to a swing of your own. Intimidating? Sometimes!

At the end of the day, you can really learn and see where all the power and accuracy comes from. Maybe you don’t try to copy a professional's swing exactly, but by using this feature you can find little tips that can be a game changing fix for your golf game. When you are in Shot Analysis, navigate to the left column and select a shot you would like to compare. After that, click the blue “Compare” button at the bottom to pull up the menu. From there, select tour players, select your player and watch the swings play back in unison. If your swings are playing at different times, click the chain link button next to the play button at the bottom of the video. Having trouble? Ask a ranger at the front desk to assist and they will be happy to set you up.

You can also check out this CaveTip for help on how to navigate to the compare mode screen. Whether you are a casual golfer, amateur golf, or a professional golfer - comparing your swing to some of the best swings on the planet will only help you if used correctly with the proper expectations for your own game. Take these tips, apply them to your time in the cave and watch your game improve next time you tee it up on the grass!

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