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Male golfer inside GolfCave shown in front of simulator screen prior to impact

24/7 Access at GolfCave

September 26, 2023
February 25, 2021

Get 24/7 access with a CaveCard

GolfCave is a 24/7 indoor golf facility that provides golfers of all skill levels the ability to play or practice in the privacy of their own Cave, while golfing on the world’s most accurate golf simulator -TrackMan. When people see 24/7 they almost always do a double take. It’s true though! As a GolfCave member you can get a CaveCard, which allows you to come in and play anytime day or night. If you want to come in early before work, book a 5:00am or 6:00am tee time. Planning a guy/ girls night out with some friends? Book a Friday night from 9:00pm-12:00am. The option to play anytime day or night is probably the biggest perk for our members.

A current GolfCave member said “I love the 24/7 access. My friends and I enjoy getting together and playing new courses at GolfCave every couple of weeks. It’s become a routine and it’s a lot of fun!” Having fun with friends when it’s convenient for you is a routine we can definitely get behind! When you get a CaveCard, you still book a tee time online like you normally would. Once you have the card you will see a new session when booking online that allows you to see 24/7 availability. Book a Cave, unlock the door with your card, start the simulator up and play! If you aren’t great with computers - no worries. Our staff will ensure you know how to turn everything on and off/ answer any questions that you have about coming in to play on your own.

If you need help during your session, we have 24/7 support, and are always happy to help you out. People always joke about wanting to get a GolfCave for their home. With a CaveCard you kind of have one! Learn about membership and all of the awesome perks like 24/7 access, discounts on tee times, and more. If you already have a CaveCard, check out this CaveTip for a refresher on how to use it.